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PREVIEW: Djinnesque by Tony Ellwood, Tuesday 3rd Feb 2008. 6.00 - 9.00pm

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Djinnesque – Tony Ellwood

Tuesday 3rd February, 2009. 6.00 - 9.00pm

Wednesday 4th February - Sunday 22nd February, 2009
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Djinnesque is a reference to the Genie or Djinn, a fiery supernatural creature of several mythologies both western and Arabic. These creatures have many interpretations from protective forces to demonic ones seeking to encourage the human to dabble in their dark side or make wishes- generally based on ego driven desires that once granted, prove to be less than desirable. Leading to the phrase" Be careful what you wish for you just might get it" Genies tricked humans by giving very literal and sometimes randomly placed fulfillment of their wishes. Such as granting someone power and leadership, only to find they have been made a powerful leader who is loathed and dies badly and alone. Not so desirable. Or being granted life eternal, only to realize the burden of time, that real eternity can be. The genies could shape change and be beautiful women who would lead you astray, while seeming to be everything you ever wanted. Prompting the allusion to the dangers of a beautiful woman.

As protective forces genies were created by the gods to handle the day to day woes of humanity, thus freeing the gods for bigger challenges. So a genie could shape change, reside in small spaces and turn into something that could assist its master to handle battle or negative opposing forces of any kind; thus protecting the master from having to go it all alone.

In these images Anthony Ellwood wanted to explore the multi-faceted aspect of the feminine and show many of her faces and guises, both appealing and confusing; at times extreme and perhaps even otherworldly. By leaving the viewer unsure of the intentions of these creatures, that Djinnesque quality is assured. Here anything could happen!

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